A giant strike in a factory in southern China

17th April


From our correspondent in Beijing

Small hands of the world's workshop bristle. Some 40,000 workers are on strike for nearly a week in a large factory in southern China.1 manufacturing shoes for brands. Employees of the Yue Yuen factory in Dongguan complain about their salary conditions of their employment contracts gaps and deficiencies in their social security coverage. Their movement has sparked a massive deployment of security forces.

Organization China Labor Watch, specializing in the social movements of Chinese industry, aired footage showing hundreds of police surrounding the plant, certain equipped with riot control equipment and other holding a leash German Shepherds. According to China Labor Watch, the police beat and arrested several workers since the beginning of the strike. The strikers demand the payment of social benefits that would be due to them. Foxconn

The previous management of the company is committed to make a catch in these payments by the end of 2015. But this proposal was rejected by striking workers, worried by the prospect that management can suddenly decide to close the plant and relocate without honor its promises, a classic cases in China. Partly controlled by Taiwanese capital, Yue Yuen factory claims to be the world's leading manufacturer of sports shoes. It subcontracts especially for Nike2 brands Adidas3, Puma4, Asics, New Balance and Converse.

The southern province of Guangdong, where the company is known as the "factory of the world" because it focuses an important part of the industry Chinese manufacturing working for exports. Like the rest of China, it is not free of social conflict. Despite the absence of independent unions. In October 2012, the plant Foxconn5 Zhengzhou (Henan), which assembles Apple iPhone 5 had been paralyzed by a strike involving workers from 3000 to 4000. Several of them, that they had been beaten because of the quality was not their production, were hospitalized. Apple suppliers in China are regularly shaken by social conflict.

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Segolene Royal wants to replace the environmental tax as a thumbnail

16th April


"I do not want to be punitive ecology" 1, insisted the new Minister of Ecology, Ségolène royal2 Tuesday morning on RMC ("Bourdin Direct") 3. One who said, soon named it wanted to overhaul the écotaxe4 yesterday gave a big kick in the anthill and brought the final blow to environmental tax: exit portals too expensive and therefore exit Écomouv5 ' ? "It would be quite legitimate for a foreign truck that crosses the country and helps pay for the maintenance of routes6 it uses. What is the environmental tax allows it today as it is conceived? No. It charges both French and foreign trucks (…), lamented Ségolène Royal. I am looking for a system that will charge foreign trucks. If everyone passes under the gantry, everyone pays. This system is even more absurd today that it has passed the possible future environmental levy on producers. We do not reach the target in that it must be trucks pay for road maintenance "and launched two tracks. Require foreign lorries to take the highway with a tax on companies highway and to charge foreign trucks thumbnail border. Furthermore, the Minister of Ecology found that the gantry controlled by the State Ecomouv ', controlled 70% by the Italian Autostrade, a subsidiary of Benetton which operates highways across the Alps consortium "very expensive." So no need to wait until parliamentary missions to decide on the follow-up to the environmental tax. His fate seems already sealed. A

cost to the State

side of Ecomouv ', it is quite scalded by policy statements that follow for months cash advance no faxing. And finally, with the turn of events, if the State took the decision to withdraw, Ecomouv 'would not be unhappy, according to our information. But this solution has a cost to the state: between 500 and 800 million euros. In consideration of the termination of the contract, then the state should also undertake to recognize that the system put in place (gantries, terminals, etc.). Complies. This is a point which takes the company to defend its international image and future markets. In case of refusal by the French State, the case would be subject to litigation and the addition could climb to more than EUR 1 billion. "In short, France has bought a system that costs between 500 and 800 million and it will throw when he should report 1.2 billion per year," one expert analysis folder. Besides the establishment of a thumbnail intended only for foreign trucks may not be simple. "Foreign carriers are sure to attack France for discrimination, says a lawyer. Remember that the environmental tax was made for everyone when non-paying roads are borrowed. The goal was to push for cleaner transport. With vignette, includes only foreign. "

On April 7, the first meeting of Ségolène Royal with senior officials from various ministries who have been working months on the project with tax took place in an atmosphere of high tension. A taste, no doubt, of the following.

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Italy strengthened its industrial presence in France

14th April


Two hundred jobs are about to be created by the Italian Iveco1 (Fiat group) in Annonay (Rhône-Alpes) to produce environmentally friendly buses. Forty additional jobs have been on the new production line opened by the Italian pasta Barilla2 Saint-Vulbas (Ain). Fifteen recruitments are underway in Metz (Lorraine) in the cheese Copidal acquired last year by the Italian Granarolo.

Some beneficial increased presence of Italian industry in France effects. According to figures produced in Milan during a seminar Afii (French Agency for International Investments in France), the companies have developed last year in France 63 investment projects that have helped maintain or create 2,100 jobs, or 17% more than in 2012. This is the best result in the past decade and a result against the trend compared to American and German settlements in France, which fell 22% and 6% in 2013


"This means that Italian entrepreneurs, even in difficult times, are able to project abroad and trust the French market. France remains an attractive country for the Italian capital. Pact liability presented on January 14 is an essential element of this appeal, "notes Ambassador of France to Italy, Alain Le Roy, stressing that economic relations between the two countries to strengthen year after year.

Pact responsibility is a part of this appeal

For its part, Hervé Pottier, director of the Milan branch of the Afii stresses that the research tax credit, which allows foreign companies to deduct from their taxes 30% of their costs on research and development is one of the determining factors in this expansion Italian, with land at cheaper prices in Italy and energy costs half as much. This is why Sorin pharmaceutical group that manufactures including pacemakers, accelerated its French establishment by creating 500 jobs in five years researchers: "He found conditions unparalleled in Italy," says Pottier .

One third of Italian locations in France last year came from Lombardy, followed by Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto. More than half of the projects were located in three regions: Ile-de-France (25%), Rhône-Alpes (19%) and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (9%).

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A chaotic closing for the employees of the Hotel Lutetia

13th April


seek comparable to those obtained at the Crillon or the Ritz conditions are also facing long closures. It is at the Crillon, in particular, that the formula was the most generous. Employees wishing to leave were compensated up to two months of salary per year. For those who preferred to stay, they are guaranteed to reach almost their entire salary for the duration of the work bad credit personal loan lenders. It is then possible their being seconded to another institution at a premium of 30%.

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Justice Will it stop the demolition of the Samaritan?

11th April

 Today is

we will know if the new desired by Bernard Arnault Samaritan 1verra the day time and time, ie in 2016. Advocates Heritage and Paris are already LVMH2 order of battle. The dispute? The renovation project of the Samaritaine3. Two associations speak of a Paris disfigured. As for the LVMH group, it highlights job creation – 2100 – and this project takes into account the modernity and the social aspect. The judges referred

must decide this Friday, stop the demolition of the historic building of the Samaritan bought by the group led by Bernard Arnault in 2005. LVMH acquired the Paris headquarters of the great magazin for 460 million euros. An ambitious renovation, obtained after obtaining a building permit granted by the city of Paris, plans to open a luxury hotel, the establishment of shops, a crib and social housing.  

Two associations, the Society for the Protection of landscape and aesthetics of France (SPPEF) and SOS Paris are upwind before it considers as "a dramatic site in the heart of Paris." It was they who brought the case to court. Anne Hidalgo

as First Deputy, defended the LVMH project

The two parties involved released their position. Marie-Line Antonios, Executive Director of the Samaritan and renovation project manager at LVMH provides that "the new façade will blend into the landscape credit report." She also defended her project with an emphasis on innovative and creative employment of "the new Samaritan" characters. It provides 2,100 jobs. Finally, it provides that "the new façade will blend into the landscape."  

For its part, wants SPPEF The spokesman of the defenders of those who believe that the same building, pre-Haussmann inspiration, the Samaritan woman, wedged between the Pont Neuf and the rue de Rivoli, belongs to the history of Paris4. Vice President Julien Lacaze summarized the pugnacity of its association with words: "we will fight for this building."

This fight also divides the Greens and the Socialist mayor of Paris. Europe ecology green by way of Jacques Boutault Mayor IIe said is directly involved in the battle. He stated: "We will ensure that the prestigious and powerful financial groups they may not have all the rights"

As for new Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo5, she had always supported the project of Bernard Arnault when she was first assistant Bertrand Delanoë6. Now in the first line, it will have to manage the Council of State decision. whether favorable or unfavorable to the project.

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Pierre-René Lemas take the head of the Caisse des Dépôts

9th April


He had denied the rumor on several occasions in recent months. Yet, Jean-Pierre Jouyet1 will leave the management of the Caisse des Dépôts he held since July 2012. François Hollande has indeed appointed Secretary General of the Elysee, where it will replace on April 16 Pierre-René Lemas2.

And this is a kind of exchange that will take place. According to our information, the Élysée should indeed propose Thursday that Pierre-René Lemas was appointed to the Directorate General Fund Deposits3. His appointment will be effective after the green light of the Finance Committees of the Assembly and the Senate.

Pierre-René Lemas, 63, was secretary general of the Elysee since the beginning of the quinquennium. It is derived, as François Hollande and Jean-Pierre Jouyet, the famous Voltaire promoting ENA. He spent most of his career as a regional prefect and senior management, in particular in charge of planning and housing at the heart of the missions of the Deposit questions.

"I do not give the Deposit"

Late last week, Jean-Pierre Jouyet announced his departure from the presidency Bpifrance4, prefiguring separation of functions with the general direction of the CDC. According to our information, he would have already proposed Dominique Marcel, a pillar of the Deposit now head of its subsidiary Compagnie des Alpes, becoming the president of the public investment bank, whose State and CDC share capital.

Wednesday afternoon, Jean-Pierre Jouyet met its steering committee for a brief message out. The future Secretary General of the Elysee promised that he would retain for the public institution special attention. "I do not give the Deposit I know what she can bring to the country," he said.

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IT services: Steria and Sopra announce their marriage

8th April


It's been several months and Steria1 Sopra2 discuss in the greatest secret of a friendly merger. Monday morning, a press release, Euronext announced the suspension of trading of IT services company Steria and Sopra, at the request of both companies. Both groups are in fact trying to finalize a merger that will create a whole weighing 3 billion euros of turnover, both groups confirmed Tuesday morning in a press release. Which ranks third in the French market, behind IBM, the world's leading IT services, Capgemini and Atos before, ranked 2013 digital services companies (NSE, the new name of SSII). A merger of equals

The transaction will take the form of a public exchange offer (CFS) launched by Sopra over rival Steria to rate a Sopra share for every four shares Steria. The two groups do not have the same profile. Steria is bigger in terms of revenue (€ 1.75 billion in 2013, against 1.35 billion euros for Sopra), but displays a Sopra business growth of 10.9% in 2013 when the Steria down 1.8%. Sopra is certainly more profitable: 71.4 million net profit in 2013, against a reduced to only € 8.9 million in net income Steria seriously affected by non-recurring items (such as suspension of the environmental tax, Steria is one of the shareholders of Écomouv3 ') business cards. However, 2014 has under better auspices, while the French market consulting and IT services (€ 30 billion) is expected to post 1.4% growth, against a decline of 0.3% in 2013, according to Syntec digital. Especially as Steria won the largest contract in its history (1.17 billion euros) with two departments in Britain. UK market – the first of Steria – on which he acquired Xansa. Nevertheless Steria weighs almost half the stock market (520 million euros) Sopra (1.03 billion euros).

The new entity will boast a strong complementarity. In terms of businesses, Sopra stands out solutions, software publishing and consulting; Steria is renowned for its infrastructure. The new group could provide a comprehensive offering. From a geographical point of view, the new structure will be a European giant particularly powerful in France, Britain and Germany, where the two groups are present. With respective strengths: the Eastern Steria (Poland), Southern Europe Sopra (Italy and Spain). Both are present in Asia (India) and North Africa.

One more step towards the consolidation of the sector after the resumption Euriware (Areva) by Capgemini. Both boards had yet to decide on the operation, which was expected Monday night announcement.

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Nigeria became the first African economy

6th April

1is Nigeria became the first African economy from ahead of South Africa, with a GDP of $ 510 billion in 2013, Will said Sunday an official source nigériane.Ce new figure of GDP (gross domestic product) Nigeria was announced by the head of the National Bureau of Statistics, Yemi Kale, indicating that it had been calculated using a new method. In 2012, the country's GDP was 453.9 billion of dollars.Des UN statisticians recommend that countries change every five years the calculation of their gross domestic product to take into account changes in production and consumption, but Nigeria has not changed its method of calculation since 1990.Les new figures, which take account of the emergence and rapid development of new sectors and new industries, including telecommunications and the local film industry , Nollywood, give foreign investors a more realistic view of the country's economy low fee payday loans. But according to experts, these figures should not be interpreted as a sign of development, South Africa is far ahead of Nigeria in terms of GDP per capita, infrastructure and governance. If a small part of the population is extremely rich, the vast majority of some 170 million Nigerians live on less than two dollars a day in a country which lacks infrastructure, where not everyone has access to water drinking, where power cuts are a daily occurrence and endemic corruption.

And if the first physician visits were not reimbursed?

5th April


This is one of the most shock proposals in the report released Tuesday by the Board of économique1 analysis. To empower the patient and reduce the deficit in Social Security, the authors propose to delist the first physician visits. On average, the French are paying 498 euros out of pocket for their health care each year (the majority of costs is devoted to outpatient care *) and contribute up to 9.6% to health care costs, the remainder being Supported by the Social Security and Supplemental health.

In their report, the experts recommend establishing a capped annual deductible that depend on income patients. The stated objective? Empowering French which would tend to enhance consultations and "limit consumption" of drugs. Thus, for a visit to a general area 1, the patient must pay the deductible under 23 euros from his pocket. A ceiling

200 euros on average

However, the Commission proposes to cap the annual contribution for the expenses borne by the patient is not too important. "The amount of the cap could turn around 200 euros on average," says does one CAE, the equivalent of nine consultations to 23 euros.

Beyond this limit, a system of co-payment could then be established: health insurance and the patient would share a doctor's note on a certain range of expenditure. Take the example of Switzerland: up to 250 euros on average, the patient pays the full care. Then, between 250 and 572 euros, the patient supports 10% of the cost of care. Spent 572 euros, the insured is fully refunded. See the infographic below cons.  Protect

…… sickest participation

This system would protect the sickest and smaller. "1% of insured pay 5000 euros out of pocket each year. With such a system, their health care costs would be borne by the healthiest, "says Will is the Council of Economic Analysis. Logically, the beneficiaries of universal health coverage would not be affected by this franchise.

This would be effective? According to a U.S. study conducted on a group of 7,000 people in the 1970s, increasing user fees (25%) seeking care lowers explained in 2008 Pierre-Yves Geoffard, one of the authors of the report quick guaranteed personal loans. In addition, people who consumed less care was not less healthy than others at the end of the survey, assured as professor at the Paris School of Economics and director of study EHESS. "But nothing says that this lack of impact in terms of health remains true in the long term because the consultations are also avoided preventive consultations," he said in an interview with Travel Health 2.

"This is absurd, we try to improve access to care and proposes to pay more patients" …… Dr. .. Pierre Levy, secretary general of the Confederation of French Medical Unions (CSMF)

This idea may be cringe because it undermines one of the fundamental principles of insurance health, namely the universality of management of care, regardless of the level of life of the patient. Asked about this franchise system, the secretary general of the Confederation of French Medical Unions (CSMF) considers this proposal "totally absurd." "We talk about improving access to care and proposes to pay more patients, irritated Dr. Pierre Levy. In addition, this system goes against a principle in 1945 that says all are equal before the French disease. " At Union

private practitioners (SML), it is less categorical. "This is a provocation on the part of authors to raise awareness of the cost of care and to think, meets its President, Dr. Roger Rua. Is a franchise is a good idea? Personally, I think we need to make education more. " A rejected Denmark

Abroad system, several countries operate on this principle. The ceiling takes the form of a fixed amount of money in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden when it is set according to income in Germany and Belgium. However, this system was rejected in Denmark because of the risk of under-medicalisation of people on low incomes.  *

Care city cover the activity of healthcare professionals (GPs, specialists, paramedics). Added to drug use, acts of biology, medical goods, transport costs, prescription and daily care carried out in health centers allowances.


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He is "the most connected man in the world"

3rd April

 Bigeye and neglected

geek he was there no longer remains just a distant memory for Chris Dancy. This thin forty today – 45 pounds lost in just over a year – is now addicted to his image, and goes so far as to stage in a video posted on Youtube. On its website, it also sports all the interviews proudly dedicated to her: Daily Mail1, the Wall Street Journal, The Independent or CNN and sheds light on the amazing lifestyle that adopted this native Denver (Colorado). Chris Dancy continuously records its data daily, to analyze and adapt its behavior in the best way possible.  

Whether to measure their vital information, meals, hours of sleep, or even the movement of his dog, Dancy record absolutely everything that surrounds through a multitude of high-tech gadgets, Google Glass2 the Memoto small camera (which captures a picture every 30 seconds), through intelligent Pebble watch or belt connected Lumoback. Analyzed, this mass of data would help to better understand their needs and act accordingly on the environment through monitors installed all around him, such as his car or his home: "If I'm stressed and I sleep well when I'm gonna wake up light in my apartment brighten a certain color, the room will be heated to a particular temperature, and my speakers broadcast such music, "explained thus interested in Guardian3.  

"There, I feel a bit naked because I can not control the room"

Chris Dancy at an interview with British newspaper The Guardian

This connected environment have revolutionized his life, helping to lose weight and regain a state of Zen, finding serenity in the that every moment is archived: "All my life I have struggled to lose weight, sleep no fax cash advance… I also found the time to meditate," he rejoiced at the micro BBC4. At that point Chris Dancy now struggling to pass what he calls "reality assisted by data": "There, I feel a bit naked because I can not control the room," confessed Does well in the interview with the Guardian. Sometimes

ridiculed on the Internet, but also perceived by some as a genius, Chris Dancy believes to be the "Tim Berners-Lee" tomorrow. If they have not developed the "World Wide Web" as dernier5, who is regularly described as "the most connected man in the world" believes to be the precursor of a lifestyle to which all the company would go.

The next step, according to him? The connected technology diffuses into the environment, the door that turns blue to remind whoever leaves his home he's going to rain (and do not forget an umbrella) to the shoe pedestrian vibrates when changing sidewalk, as a GPS. Chris Dancy, however, recently told the Daily Mail that the connected technologies should remain "confined to market health", he said, "the next two years." Technophobes of all kinds, you have been warned.